As of September 2008 I am not currently scheduling workshops. My workshop clarifies the relationship between Creativity and Design in painting. Creativity is the mystery that all artists want to understand and use in their work. Design is the process by which we do that.

We will discuss the practical nature of Creativity: “Why” we value it and “How” it works in our paintings. Then we will simplify universal Design principles in order to understand a painting’s structure and composition. Finally, we will connect Creativity and Design in order to turn our own paintings into unique, personal statements.

Students will be taught the thinking skills necessary to create and analyze their own work regardless of painting style or medium. The goal of the class is to encourage progress by building on students’ present skills and by offering new strategies for moving forward.

The class is meant to be experienced as a fun, safe and inspiring environment which allows for exploration and experimentation. Class time includes exercises, talks, demonstrations, slide presentation and daily critiques, with emphasis on student participation in discussions.

Class instruction provides help for both abstract artists and those who wish to continue painting in a representaional style.

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