I began this series of Plexi Paintings in early 2006 after moving into a studio with my friend Marianne Perkins. Sharing a studio with another artist has been a wonderful experience. It is so rewarding to be able to bounce new ideas off of each other. Synergy to me means that when two artists get their heads together, more creativity occurs than happens with just one artist alone. All paintings on this page are acrylic on Plexiglas sheets. I like the fact that the "Connect the Dots" theme still comes through as a common thread, even though my media and compositions are changing.

1. "Arabesque"
2. "Ballerina Dots"
3. "Black and White Butterfly"
4. "Blueberry Hill"
5. "Butterfly Bees"
6. "Golden Butterfly"
7. "Iceberg Dots"
8. "Icicle Soup"
"Icicle Soup" (detail)
9. "Lightning Bugs"
"Lightning Bugs" (detail )
10. "Skip a Stone"
"Skip a Stone" (detail)
11. "Strawberry Ice Cream at Christmas"
"Strawberry Ice Cream at Christmas" (detail)
13. "Mustard Seeds Dance"
"Mustard Seeds Dance" (detail)

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