I began this series of paintings in order to move away from
the organic complexity of my Tangles Paintings and into
work that explored the expression of nature in an unusual and
structured format using washes and veils of transparent acrylic paint
on paper mounted on Masonite. All images are 48" x 24".
1."Beach Roses"
2. "Purple Majesty"
3. "Meadow Mind"
4."Tomato Red"
5. "Square Moon"
6. "Baby Blue"
7. " SF Moon Fog"
8. "Sun Spot"
9. "Underground Moon"
10. "Red Licorice"
11. "White Sunflower"
12. "Yellow and Green"
13. "Thin Mint Moon"
14. "Red and Mint"
15. "Stamps at Sea"

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For more information contact the artist at: cathywoofineart@comcast.net